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Super Smash Squares Super Smash Squares

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good. You need an artist

You've got this game working pretty well. It's a good fighting game. Obviously it needs art. You need to look around for someone who can do the art for you. Otherwise, the moves worked, the gameplay was pretty fluid.

Good job. Create some artwork. Use a theme like bugs or even "cubes" or "spheres" whose panels open up and reveal the weapon or "hit" I think it's doable.

My style is cartoony and funky so you probably wouldn't want that, but there are people out there ready to help. Flashkit, kirupa, gotoandplay.


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ledi51 responds:

I know I could work on the art a bit. I could use a little better art, it's true. But as long as they stay SQUARES, not cubes. Not sure how you'd make a square look really nice besides maybe some fading/lighting FX. It's SSS!

Random Defence Random Defence

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Robust, but the same

This version of the defense games is well, pretty much like the others out there. And although developing this kind of game is really intense and complicated, and Armegalo did a fantastic job, it's just the genre (for me anyways) is "done". I'd love to see tower defense games done a bit more creatively. Dure, the random thing is fun seeing these unexpected objects coming at you, so OK.

I don't have suggestions, and I don't mean to be picking on this game, but since it's made the top 5 and holding there, I thought I'd give my opinion.

Again, this version works, didn't find any bugs, pretty much a tower defense game with cool objects.

An example of something done with this genre that I liked was Garden Defense. That one was flamingos, a sprinkler? Another was that one with the ants stealing pizza from your picnic blanket. That was good too. Just more interest than a path.

Great game though. You should breathe a sign of relief that the game is finished and is getting great reviews and tons of views.